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What is Reiki?

(pronounced ray-key)


The name “Reiki” literally means universal life force energy. It is a laying of hands healing / energy work technique thousands of years old, and is believed to have roots in ancient Tibet and India.  It was rediscovered by Dr. Makio Usui of Japan in the late 1800's, who served to bring Reiki to the western world and is known as Reiki’s modern founder.


Reiki is a powerful yet gentle method that supports putting the mind, body, and spirit into balance so you can begin to heal yourself!  Reiki flows of its own accord to the parts of the body that need reminding of their wellness, and releases blocked energy naturally and safely.  


Universal life energy or Ki is the vital life force that makes possible and maintains the existence of everything. It allows for all action and reproduction.  You exist because of Ki. It sustains you and keeps you healthy.The practice of Reiki is the art and science of activating, directing and applying Ki.

Reiki is a method of natural healing based on the application of “Universal Life Force Energy.”  

How Does Reiki heal?

Imagine there is a complex energetic system that flows like a river in your body. Just like a river, sometimes there are blockages that interfere with the natural flow of your life force energy, Ki.  When that life force energy is low, we are more vulnerable to getting sick and feeling stressed, and if it is high, we are prone to higher levels of well being and happiness.


Reiki serves to clear those blockages leaving you feeling more balanced, relaxed, energized and connected.


Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit, and is known to help virtually every known illness and imbalance, instantly putting the receiver into a blissful state of peace.

Through our chakras, Ki flows into and through our physical body.  Ki nourishes the organs and cells of the physical and auric body, supporting their vital functions.  When Ki flow is disrupted, it diminishes the function in one or more organs and tissues in the body. Ki responds to our thoughts and feelings, so when we unconsciously or consciously accept negative thoughts or feelings about the self, it disrupts our Ki.  The negative thoughts and feelings attach to our energy or auric field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force, which can lead to physical or emotional illness. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging with positive energy.  Reiki raises the vibration level of the energy field in and around your physical body where the negative thoughts are attached and this causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. Reiki clears, strengthens and heals your energy pathways by allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.

Thanks to modern day technology such as electromagnetic testing, scientists are able to “see,” map, and measure the auric/energetic field that once was considered “invisible” and to many in the science and medical community not real or “New Age woo woo” talk.  With these new technologies, the field of energy science has made leaps and bounds, and is now beginning to be universally accepted and recommended as an intervention for virtually every physical and emotional illness. For this reason, insurance companies have begun to reimburse for other energy healing techniques such as acupuncture, acupressure and emotional freedom technique/tapping, and in recent years there has been an increase in using Reiki in the medical world.

Receiving a Reiki Attunement and Ascension Reiki


Pia uses and teaches a more modern higher frequency form of Reiki grounded in New Energy and the Crystalline Grid that she learned from her Reiki teacher, Tanya Corona.  She uses modern symbols up to date with the transforming Earth, although also uses and teaches more traditional symbols and techniques as needed.


In a Reiki attunement, you are taught the foundations of Reiki, and the Reiki symbols are put permanently into your aura.  Even though, everyone channels Universal Life Force Energy to some extent, the attunement helps to open you more fully to this energy to can consciously channel it for yourself or others at anytime.  Learning Reiki opens you to Universal Life Force energy and allows you to activate inherent powers of healing in yourself and others. It can also bring about a spiritual awakening.

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