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What is EFT / Tapping?

Imagine you are able to let go of self defeating thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns, and able to consciously uplevel your system in a way that brings you more freedom and joy.

EFT, a.k.a. Meridian Tapping or “tapping” is an empirically reviewed somatic based self-healing technique that combines cutting edge neuroscience, Chinese Meridian medicine, and positive psychology. 


It is a simple, efficient, and easily accessible modality that promotes healing for virtually every dis-ease and malady.   


With tapping, participants are guided to tap through a circuit of points, and each point is  connected to a different internal organ, muscle, and tissue. The tapping circuit is very similar to points where an acupuncturist puts needles, but instead of needles, one uses their own fingers.  

At its essence, tapping rapidly releases stored stress from the body’s physical and energetic system, thus reminding the body of it’s wellness and bringing profound relief and balance to the individual. Tapping also lends itself to helping people become more aware of and to rewire and re-write negative and unserving thinking and behavioral patterns that have been causing chaos and suffering. 


Tapping allows us to safely greet our fears and pains and gently usher them out the door. It is a fast, effective and transformational tool that will enhance your capacity to be empathic, heal your physical body, connect with others, anchor into your worth, and live the life you dream of having.

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