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Pia is an incredible healer and spiritual teacher. Working with her has helped me to open my heart, fully express and honor my feelings and love more freely and fiercely. The effects and energy shifts in my life have been mind-blowing especially after my Reiki attunement and EFT session. Work with Pia if you're ready to heal, transform and spread your wings.


- Lisa, Senior Marketing Manager

Pia has so much love to give. Do yourself and the universe a favor and open up to receive her gifts! Your healing is our healing, our healing is all healing.


- Brendan, Certified Relationship Coach

Pia is a very intuitive, warm hearted person. Even a simple hug from her is like a healing medicine. I can't wait to return and see her again!


- Snow


Pia is an incredibly gifted healer in many modalities. I have gone through several EFT (tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions with her over the past year and these sessions have both unearthed stories I had previously hidden in the depths of my psyche and body and then also allowed them to be held with love in the light of our shared awareness during the session.


I can't recommend her highly enough, not just as a practitioner, but also as a loving compassionate human being in whose presence healing happens -- not because of any technique or modality, but simply because she has a genuine and natural capacity to love and care for you -- and that in and of itself is healing.


- Tal, Conscious Uncoupling Coach

Pia's incredibly loving Presence that she shared during our sessions helped to illuminate long standing traumas that I experienced during my time overseas in the military. From that place of light and love, I was able to see those blockages as beautiful gifts that I could share with the world. The tapping she shared with me gave me an amazing tool to unlock those traumas from my body and to help process the vicissitudes of life in a grounded manner. Her extensive and accomplished background as a clinical social worker helped me to feel safe and comfortable being vulnerable with her. I couldn't recommend Pia any more highly to those that are seeking to transform their lives in order to live in a more joyful and connected way. Blessings Pia!


- Greg, Military Veteran, Chiropractor

I knew Pia when she was an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland. I was her acupuncturist at the Student Health Center. At the time, I thought, “this young woman has such a genuinely expansive heart, high intelligence, she is going places and will bring much good to the world.” It seems that has, in fact, materialized 🎇! The world needs many more like her to heal our ongoing and collective pain. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in her path, you would be wise to take advantage of the opportunity to partner with her in whatever way you both are called. She has many gifts to offer! Pia is ♥️!


- Pamela, Licensed Acupuncturist

Pia is simply a born healer. Her energy is magnetic and really pulls you to dive into it. Where a healing session with other people might seem scary, with her it's comfortable and extremely nurturing. This is her gift and she's sharing it with aplomb.


- Dan, Certified Massage Therapist

Pia is amazing. She gives with her heart and helps uplift those around her in all ways.


- Joshua, Founder and Senior Software Engineer

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